Geophysical Survey

In certain cases, geophysical surveys may be the most cost effective or logistically viable method by which the subsurface features of site are evaluated. These surveys are generally conducted when attempting to determine whether subsurface structures exist, such as underground storage tanks, clarifiers, or any other features that may shed light on hazardous materials usage/storage

A geophysical Survey can determine if a subsurface feature, which is not visible at the surface, exists at the site or can identify evidence of former subsurface feature by identifying evidence such as terminated piping (i.e. product pipes, vent lines, electrical conduits, or sewer lines), as well by identifying disturbed soil lithology in the shape and depth of the subsurface feature.

These surveys are non-invasive and are non-destructive.

Remdox can provide any of the following surveys, as necessary:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Imaging
  • Magnetics
  • Line Tracing

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